Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

IIT’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery consultancy evaluates current state and develops future state to ensure business resilience in the event of catastrophic disruption.

Organizations today need to find knowledgeable experts to help them develop a consistent and deliverable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution that adheres to ever-changing domestic and international standards. IIT’s BC/DR Consultancy provides that capability and helps our clients develop a mature BC program that increases resiliency in the event of catastrophic disruption. Our service is performed by certified Business Continuity professionals with extensive experience in IT operations and management who can provide both technical and enterprise knowledge to each engagement.

IIT’s Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery solution portfolio includes the following six services:

Business Continuity Program Assessment and Development

We evaluate our client’s BC management program, including review and gap analysis of policy, governance, management, strategy, documentation and testing. We then provide clients with the best path forward for development of a full BC program.

Business Impact Analysis

We provide the cornerstone of Business Continuity planning with a Business Impact Analysis to identify mission critical business functions, recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives to meet all of our client’s business requirements.

Risk Analysis

We provide this critical first step for our clients to identify threats and vulnerabilities and determine the potential for service loss. We then determine mission impacting threats such as natural disasters (floods, hurricanes), access denial (geopolitical or labor unrest), and loss of environment component systems and communications. Our vulnerability analysis identifies potential exposures and seeks to determine best prevention methods.

Business Continuity Planning and Testing

We establish a variety of plans including work area recovery; supply chain alternate supplier plans; alternate workforce mitigation plans, and other non-IT business continuity plans. We develop the plan and educate and train all client stakeholders to verify the feasibility of the plan to sustain mission critical business functions.

Crisis Management and Emergency Response Planning

We build a crisis management program and recommend a team for the development and execution of the plan including: tool selection, process development, and validation testing. We then deliver an awareness and training program to executive management for plan readiness when implementation is needed.

Disaster Recovery - Planning and Testing

We provide this service to include developing survivable and executable Disaster Recovery plans and the coordination and execution of repeatable disaster recovery tests to assure currency and viability of the plans. Disaster Recovery Plan development and maintenance is at the heart of the Business Continuity process and is an on-going activity that assures survivability.

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